Business Intelligence

S&T helps you make better decisions in a short time and enables the assessment and optimization of your company’s performance, by using tools from the Business Analytics solutions portfolio.
Business Intelligence solutions provide a centralized and correlated view of the data registered in your organization. Thus, both strategic and operational decisions can be made in full trust.
The manner of presentation and the level of the information submitted in a BI solution can meet the specific reporting needs of each department in the organization, complemented by role-specific security settings.
The correlation of all the data resources of the organization and their modelling to the specific field of your organization allows the people involved in the monitoring and reporting activities to build quickly and easily their own viewings, with no intervention from the IT department.
Implemented in parallel with or separate from the reporting solutions, the planning, budget and forecast flows complete and heighten the consolidation of the decisions made in the organization. These solutions target the straightforward gathering of data from all the locations and decision-making levels, their insertion in approval flows, the viewing of the impact at consolidated level and the possibility of integration with the reporting solutions.
Business Analytics services are provided on software platforms from world leaders in the field, such as IBM, Oracle, Microstrategy and SAP.