Servers and Storage

S&T Romania offers an extensive portfolio of server and storage products and services. Such professional-use hardware and software are from a variety of renowned manufacturers, such as HP, Cisco, EMC, Oracle, Fujitsu, etc.
The range of products in this area includes microservers, blade servers, cluster solutions. The portfolio comprises x86-based devices as well as products equipped with RISC or power processors. The range of server products also features solutions facilitating the setting up and management of corresponding virtualization environments, or employed in the monitoring of hardware
S&T offers a wide range of high-performance and scalable SAN and NAS solutions in the area of external storage media. These enable the coverage of a broad range of specifications.

The company also – as a matter of course - supplies a similarly broad spectrum of data security products. These include intelligent backup solutions – such as tape libraries and purpose-built backup appliances – enabling the implementation of efficient securing strategies and the fulfillment of archiving obligations.