ERP Implementation

Enterprise Resource Planning systems are nowadays a must for companies who want to maintain their market position.

The experience gained from Enterprise Resource Planning systems implementing shows that an in-depth internal and external factors that influence the evolution of the company is critical for the transformation of such a system in an efficient tool for managers.
The system should offer accurate information about the overall activity of the company down to departments’ performances for their specific tasks.
That is why our consultants, using the best practices gathered over decades of experience, will help you identify these factors and will deliver tailored solutions designed on reliable platforms, such as SAP or Oracle. Finally, you will benefit of a rapid, flexible, low-risk implementation with predictable results.
S&T Romania provides implementation services for comprehensive solutions that follow the beneficiary’s entire value chain. S&T provides complete and complex services in various industry sectors such as Utilities Industry, Oil & Gas Industry and the Public Sector.

S&T provides services that include:

- analysis and extraction of specific requirements of your organization’s field of activity;
- setting up the implementation strategy and the architecture of the ERP solution;
- design and implementation of the data migration processes for system initialization;
- implementation of the ERP Solutions;
- configuration of the solution that matches the specific requirements;
- development of reports and their integration in various departments of the organization;
- optimization of the ERP system through the systematic data validation;
- adjustment of operating parameters;
- testing services for the adopted solutions;
- project management.

S&T Romania provides professional services of warranty and technical assistance, by ensuring on-site and remote technical support in call-center conditions.