Network and Security

S&T's experience and breadth of portfolio enable us to have a comprehensive understanding of the market and client needs, to consult clients and provide competitive solutions to their needs. As such, we offer a full range of services related to networking and security, including:
  • Planning of networks and security
  • Advising on possible solutions to general and specific problems
  • Implementation of hardware and software solutions
  • Integration and custom development of interfaces
  • Security assessments and standards compliance readiness and reviews
  • Technical and business support, including 24/7/365 options.

S&T Romania operates from its headquarters in Bucharest, where it hosts both the implementation and the support teams. An operational ticketing system enables quick response and efficient communication with clients through telephone, web interface and e-mails. Country-wide coverage is ensured through our network of own personnel and partners.

Multinational clients can enjoy cooperative services all over the S&T group, centralizing their network and security expertise and providing a single point of contact for technical and support issues.
Your success derives from the combination of the chosen solutions and the expertise of the consultants. We are aware of it!