15.10.2009 | Romania

S&T continues to be the leading provider of ERP Services in Romania

The most recent Pierre Audoin Consultants study re-confirms S&T Romania as the leading ERP services provider with a market share of 12% in 2008

With 15 years of local experience, S&T Romania offers a permanent support to the business environment in adopting IT solutions best suited for achieving companies’ targets and provides best of breed professional IT services . S&T efforts are constantly certified by the market reports of specialized research companies. The latest study published by Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC), "ERP Romania in 2009”, establishes a hierarchy of companies that distribute ERP applications and of those which provide services associated with this type of solutions, based on the 2008 results.

According to this study results, S&T Romania continues to be the leading provider of ERP services, with the same position in ERP system integrators ranking. The performance is superior by 20% compared with that of the company ranked second.. S&T Romania’s market share for ERP services is about 12%, on a market substantially equal to that generated by ERP products. The balance between these two types of markets will be maintained in the next period, PAC analysts estimating a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) slightly higher for the next 5 years – with about 1.5-2 percent – for the ERP services market.

In terms of vertical markets, the manufacturing sector continued to generate the largest amount of revenue – 26% of the total ERP market products and services. With a market share of 33%, S&T Romania has maintained its leading position in providing ERP services for this segment, with a significant advance in front of the challengers.

Perfectly adapted to the market trends
Following closely the developments of vertical industries, S&T Romania continues its investments in developing business solutions and capabilities and will change focus on industrial segments less affected by the economic crisis.

In order to offer its customers a complete line of services, the company invests in new directios such as business consulting, business process reorganization and optimization (BPR, BPO), outsourcing etc. At the same time, S&T Romania will seek a greater specialization on vertical industries, being able to provide general IT solutions as well as specific solutions for each type of industry. An example is Focus Trade, a comprehensive solution developed by S&T on SAP platform and dedicated to the companies operating in the food & beverage distribution sector.

S&T Romania is closely looking to the public sector, a vertical industry which will record the most consistent CAGR in the next 5-year period – over 30% for ERP-related services, as stated in the report.

"We are committed to providing our customers solutions and services capable to support them in the current turbulent economic environment. Having a clear picture of the overall performance, managers can calibrate their business processes so as to keep their business away from the effects of the crisis and to be best positioned at the moment of economic relaunch," said Bogdan Cocora, Country Manager - S&T Romania.

"After several years of skillfully exploiting the massive investments in complex ERP projects in Romania, S&T has now the platform that can provide a superior post-crisis development as compared to other system integrators in the local market. With the expertise of the dedicated teams of business solutions in more mature markets (Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary), I believe that S&T Romania will remain one of the few solid system integrators in the local market, able not only to benefit from post-crisis market growth, but also to create opportunities for strategic accounts", said Eugen Schwab-Chesaru, Partner & Managing Director - Pierre Audoin Consultants Central and Eastern Europe.