Security Solutions

The need of security cannot be resolved by a magic wand. It takes a lot of thought to implement in the first place, and a lot of effort to continuously adapt. We start at the bottom, and move through to the top. First, generic security solutions such as firewall/IPS/Antivirus appliances provide a baseline level of security and a minimal comfort to the business. These have to be complemented in time by more complex, or more punctual solutions, developing alongside your business.
We offer probably the broadest range of security solutions in the market. In the niche security markets, where punctual solutions can cover very large risks, such as antifraud, compliance, S&T has been first to promote and implement. We also understand your business and concerns. What we aim is to provide true security, adapted to the scale of the organization and to the criticality of each service or business area. This is how we ensure your future, and ours alongside our clients.

Understanding what can be done to secure your business is as simple as calling us. Understanding what has to be done is where we can really help. We provide to our clients a direct interface to our technical and implementation teams, to whom you can address your concerns directly, if you so wish, covering among the rests the following solutions:

  • Enterprise Network Firewall: Checkpoint, Palo Alto, Cisco
  • Secure E-mail Gateways: Cisco, Websense
  • Secure Web Gateways: Websense, Blue Coat, Cisco
  • SIEM: HP ArcSight, IBM QRadar, McAfee, NetIQ
  • Data Loss Prevention: WebSense, McAfee, Symantec