Software development

S&T Romania is committed to offering its customers the highest quality software services.

This is a time when you can be confronted with a great number of problems that need immediate solutioning: competition is getting tougher and the business model changes constantly, regulations and local legislation force you to readjust the business processes, your customers get more and more demanding, requesting a big amount of information in the shortest possible time or critical resources are allocated to sustain processes with minor impact for the company’s overall performance.

S&T Romania is prepared to help you exploit and further adjust the applications so that you easily adapt to the upcoming changes.

If a particular problem has to be solved we can provide our clients a customized approach by developing a dedicated software solution, designed by our software development specialists.

Using the latest software design technologies and methods, and also consistent development, testing and documenting procedures our software development team designs the needed software solution in accordance to your specific business requirements. We also make sure that what we deliver fully meets the quality, reliability and efficiency criteria solicited by your business.

We are a team of dedicated software professionals, driven by the ambition to succeed in offering quality, reliability and efficiency to our customers. Working alongside with our clients in analyzing the initial state of things and their business development patterns and criteria, the members of our software team act as consultants and as such are in a position to offer the appropriate support in order to establish the best actions for each and every situation.

In certain cases we have to manage and integrate legacy applications or specialized ones in a greater project. This is a condition when adopting a mature technology is the right answer both from the practical and financial point of view.

Examples are numerous and prove that our main goal is the success and satisfaction of our client.

For this reason every employee, from the team leader to the newest member of the team, is aware of his or her part in building the client' s contentment.

Domain Expertise

Software becomes nowadays a strong tool with a major impact on business performances. Adjusting parameters for different applications until they best fit in every specific area, will help you stay focused in the various departments or ranges of activity. Beside that you can easily interconnect diverse applications and integrate them in the IT infrastructure of your company.

These tasks are not easy to fulfil without a proper design and use of state-of-the-art technologies in order to allow a perfect match between different elements of the software infrastructure of the company.

S&T Romania team of software services, constantly involved in projects with a high level of complexity, gained strong competencies in various areas of expertise:

  • Enterprise Information Portal Environment
  • N-tiers Internet Applications
  • Custom software development
  • Security and encryption
  • Call Centers/ Help Desk
  • Document management
  • Workflow management
  • ERP (SAP, Oracle Applications)
  • CRM
  • Billing Applications
  • Business Technology Optimization
  • Business Intelligence & Competitive Intelligence
  • Competences Matrix

    Employees & Skills Matrix

    Software development team is constantly involved in projects with a high level of complexity, gained strong competencies in various areas of expertise.

    The team of experienced software developers and engineers with expertise in different technical domains together with the company’s management expertise and support are successfully combined with creativity, dedication to work, and development culture to produce solid, effective software results.

    Permanently enhancing their range of competencies, the members of our development team are able to address virtually all requests for business applications development. The table below provides a brief overview of the S&T Software expertise.

    Software Development Methodology

    Using the international standards recommendations, S&T Romania’s software development team has established and always complies with a comprehensive software development methodology.

    The guiding principles of our software development methodology are:

    • Process centric approach
    • Observance of the basic rules of Project Management - initiation, planning, execution, control and closing
    • Implementation of metrics for the software development life cycle of a project
    • Established risk management and risk mitigation practices
    • Diverse set of software skills to handle a wide variety of offshore outsourcing challenges
    • Well defined Quality Management System
    • Infrastructure to support high end software development
    • Communications facilities to handle different types of software projects

    Life cycle of software development process includes the following sub-processes:

    • Requirements Management
    • System/ Software Requirements Analysis
    • System/ Software Architecture Design
    • Software Design
    • Software Implem\entation (Code and Unit Test)
    • System/ Software Integration
    • System/ Software Testing