We are looking for enthusiastic Global Information Technology - TechOps engineer, for our client. 

A career in Information Technology, within Internal Firm Services, will provide you with the opportunity to support our core business functions by supporting applications that enable our people to work more efficiently and deliver the highest levels of service to our clients. You’ll focus on the technology operations as well as liaise with the design and infrastructure teams within our client, developing and enhancing both client and internal facing applications within our client, and providing technology tools that help create a competitive advantage for the Firm to drive strategic business growth.

Our Technology Operations Support team monitors and supports the overall quality of our service. As a part of the team, you’ll be the primary contact for ensuring the quality of our application support from technology operations perspective, as well as considering better ways to provide the same service in a more cost-efficient manner and keeping customer satisfaction with our services high. 

From a Technology Operations perspective, the candidate will be focused on: 

●  Deployments and environment governance

●  Infrastructure Monitoring

●  Major incident management resolution

●  Cloud services support and vendor liaison

●  Custom technology support

●  Internal Shared Services liaison

●  SLA and Major incident management reporting

●  Problem management

●  Vulnerability management

●  Privileged Access Management control 

Essential skills needed for the role:

●Experience with using a Windows or Linux workstation for daily professional activities

● Basic understanding of Cloud provider services, such as Azure PaaS and IaaS

● Basic understanding of Microsoft products such as SQL server, IIS, .NET Framework and MS Windows Applications.

● Proficient in English


 Knowledge of other relational database server software, Azure DevOps, Powershell, ITIL, basic networking concepts, or enterprise Linux distributions, is considered a plus. 


  • If you have additional questions, you can contact jobs@snt.ro.
  • If you know somebody suitable for this position or if you want to apply, please send a detailed CV by e-mail: jobs@snt.ro.

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