Major responsibilities:

  • IMAC Service for network components 
  • Hardware installation/ De-installation/Racking and Stacking and associated cabling for the operation services 
  • Upgrade of components 
  • Swap service for faulty components 
  • Prepare faulty components for disposal 
  • Base configuration to make components remote accessible 
  • Power check 
  • Cabling check 
  • Maintain local documentation if necessary 
    • Spare parts management and storage service 
    • Configure and install various Layer 2 network devices and service 
    • Liaise with vendors and other IT personnel for problem resolution
  • Work within established configuration and change management policies to ensure awareness, approval and success of changes made to the network infrastructure
  • Perform on-site activities
  • Configure and install various Layer 2 network devices and services


Other responsibilities:


  • Executing instructions as provided and directed 
  • Resetting/powering cycle of equipment as requested 
  • Assisting in replacing cables 
  • Assisting in managing devices unreachable from the network    
    • Verify relevant information regarding target impacted asset (serial number, type…)  
    • Primary checks points regarding ethernet traffic using led signal, electric power up & align, server panel error 
    • Share with Supplier any relevant information that might be available (recent power outage in local data room that could assist in the root cause analysis) 
  • Supporting and guiding external IT suppliers (e.g. hardware maintenance supplier Telco provider, etc.) to perform on-site work where required (Hub location only) 
  • Other simple activities which may be performed with the directions for off-site staff. 



  • Troubleshooting and support for LAN/WLAN incidents 
  • Advanced troubleshooting activities like packet capture and spectrum analysis for WLAN 

  • Networking communication protocols knowledge would help;
  • Configure and install various Network Layer 2 network devices and services;
  • Previous experience in similar job is a plus.
  •  Ability to operate well in an international and multicultural environment;
  •  Innovative and entrepreneurial mindset
  •  Well organized, able to set priorities
  • Dynamic and good communications skills;
  • English language


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