We are looking for enthusiastic BAO Global TAX TechOps engineer, for our client. 

BAO Global TAX TechOps engineer is a member of the BAO Global TAX TechOps team, who together with other engineers is responsible for the delivery of the services in the portfolio built in Azure or On-premises, including application releases and 3rd level incident resolution.

A BAO Global TAX TechOps engineer must have a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft Azure Services such as Azure Kubernetes Services, App Services, SQL PaaS, Azure Cosmos DB, Application Insights, Azure Monitor, Service Bus, Azure Blob Storage and of Microsoft products that can be deployed On-premises or in Azure as IAAS like SQL server, IIS and Windows Services. The candidate must have experience in managing these services and products, having the ability to fully understand the architecture of all applications in the portfolio.

The BAO Global TAX TechOps engineer must be proficient in using Azure DevOps tools to provide support and manage existing releases/pipelines. The candidate will also need to develop new releases/pipelines for operational purposes.

The BAO Global TAX TechOps engineer must be a team player, oriented to results, able to interact, share, communicate and collaborate with members of the team, technical and non-technical and other our client support teams as needed to overcome complexities, resolve issues and deliver a quality service.

They have prior experience in the technical aspects of implementing and troubleshooting a mission critical application based on Microsoft technologies in both Azure and On Premises hosting locations. 

Essential skills needed for the role:  

● Experience in the technical implementation and operation of mission critical IT services.

● Comprehensive understanding of Azure Kubernetes Services (control plane, nodes, node pools, pods, deployments, sets, namespaces)

● Comprehensive understanding and administrative experience of Azure PAAS Services such App Services, SQL PaaS, Azure Cosmos DB, Application Insights, Azure Monitor, Service Bus, Blob Storage

● Comprehensive understanding and administrative experience of Microsoft products such as SQL server, IIS, .NET Framework and MS Windows Applications.

 ● Comprehensive understanding of Microsoft Azure DevOps

                  o Classic pipelines vs YAML

                  o Libraries

                  o Repositories

                  o Branching

                  o GIT

● Basic understanding of C# concepts

                 o Basic understanding of OOP concepts

                 o Basic understanding of Classes and Methods

                 o Basic understanding of Inheritance

 ● Basic understanding of networking concepts

               o TCP/IP

               o 3-way handshake

               o SSL implementations

               o Basic understanding of Load Balancers

               o Basic understanding of OpenSSL

 ● Experience in writing T-SQL queries

 ● Experience in PowerShell Scripting

               o Basic understanding of Loops

               o Basic understanding of OOP in PowerShell

               o Basic understanding of PowerShell classes and methods

● Experience in Postman utilization

               o Basic Postman Runner tasks

               o Basic Postman AA (Authorization and authentication)

● Experience in Windows Server Systems and demonstrable history of root cause analysis on production issues

● Experience with REST API

              o Basic understanding of Oauth2 principles

              o Basic understanding of API like Uniform interface, Statelessness

              o Basic understanding of CRUD implementations

 ● Able to acquire a comprehensive understanding of a complex suite of IT applications / components.

● Able to work collaboratively with all members of the team in the delivery of the services.

● Ability to adopt new technologies

● Good communication and interpersonal skills

● Excellent organizational skills

● Quality focused

 ● Calm under pressure

 ● Experience working in an ITIL-based framework.

● Proficient in English 


  • If you have additional questions, you can contact jobs@snt.ro.

If you know somebody suitable for this position or if you want to apply, please send a detailed CV by e-mail: jobs@snt.ro

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